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Corporate vision

Society Concept

Social Responsibility

Our business involves the daily lives of people around the world, and therefore

PowerLink has an  opportunity to contribute to the society and to participate in the economic development,ecological construction and the environmental protection.

Our job is to gain financial benefits for both of our customers and distributors with a sustainable development strategy.

We are committed to provide solutions that will create the greatest benefit.

To to this, Powerlink actively participates in public welfare activities and fulfills

its social responsibility.

Promotion on Social Progress

PowerLink continuously strive to develop products with high efficiency and low energy consumption, at the same time, pays attention to the simultaneous development of energy and environment in order to make our lives better!

PowerLink launches safe energy products and systems with low noise, low emission, as well as being green and environmentally friendly!

PowerLink is willing to work together with all sectors of the society, to learn one's strength to offset one's weakness, to develop further together by considering the concept of diversity.


Environmental Protection

With the rapid development of the global economy and the energy field, the requirements on environmental protection have become increasingly strict. Thus, it has become the focus of the technological breakthrough to increase the operating efficiency of the power equipment. Based on the perfect combination between customers’ needs and innovation, Powerlink has continuously made significant progress in the energy-saving field. Powerlink’s power generation products have excellent performance in emission reduction and noise reduction, without affecting people's daily lives or polluting the public environment during use.

Environmental Development Ideas

Powerlink focuses on the development of clean energy, so as to  coordinate and synchronise corporate development and environmental protection.

Our "green" development strategy is to: reduce noise, energy consumption and  emission, use advance production processes, continuously to develop new energy  equipment, and to take into account of the future of our planet.


Supplier System

We require our suppliers to participate in protecting the environment and fulfilling social responsibilities at the same time. Meanwhile, under the concept of mutual benefit, we optimise the supply chain continuously to increase our comprehensive competitiveness. To do this, Powerlink has established a complete supply evaluation system to guarantee the ability to provide customers with quality products.

Supplier Standards

We also require all suppliers must to comply with the national or international regulations of the following aspect: environmental impact and management system, financial status, management organisation, logistics, social responsibility level etc. The above are taken as the evaluation criteria of a qualified supplier, the cooperation is then carried out to achieve a win-win situation.