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August 17-18 to carry out the 2019 "charming POWERLINK"

Release Time:2019-08-20

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, enhance team cohesion, further promote inter-department communication and enhance the sense of belonging of employees in PowerLink, our company organized all Marketing and Sales personnel to Shaoxing

This activity is led by our HR and Administration department, and the company leader plan the whole activity in detail in advanced to ensure the smooth progress of the activity. Under the guidance of the guide, we have visited rafting, waterfall, bamboo scenic area, experienced the 5D glass walkway and challenged the thrilling transparent sliding bridge.

The tour is to improve the affection between staff and strengthens the team’s morale. Letting us to relax on the weekend after the work, and coming back to work with a powered mindset and body, having more surging passion into the work, for our diesel generator set, gas generator, biogas co-generation unit, air compressor, and lighting towers to create new achievements! Work Hard, Play Hard!

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