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Biogas Supporting Equipment introduce

Auxiliary equipment of Powerlink biogas co-generation unit includes biogas desulphurisation, pre-treatment equipment, combustion torch, heat distribution management equipment, transmission and distribution equipment, etc.

Biogas Desulphurisation Equipment

PowerLink provides three kinds of biogas desulphurisation systems. According to the amount of biogas treatment and H2S content of the project, appropriate desulphurisation systems and equipment are selected.

l  Dry desulphurisation system: Ferric oxide is used as desulphuriser, which has a simple structure with a small volume. It is suitable for biogas projects with H2S content of less than 2,000 ppm.

l  Biological desulphurisation system: With microbial bacteria as desulphuriser, it has high efficiency and precision. It is suitable for large-scale projects or biogas projects with H2S content

of less than 20,000 ppm. The H2S content after desulphurisation is less than 50 ppm.

l  Chemical desulphurisation system: With special chemical solution as desulphuriser, automatic control, easy operation and low cost, it is suitable for various biogas projects with 2002S.

content of less than 20,000 ppm.

Biogas Pre-treatment Equipment

The biogas after anaerobic fermentation is filtered, dehumidified and pressurised to meet the gas intake requirements of the biogas co-generation unit.

l  The whole skid-mounted design is adopted, which can be installed and put into use quickly.

l  All pipes are made of stainless steel and are corrosion resistance.

l  It is equipped with biogas composition detector to monitor the content of CH4, H2S and O2 in real time.

Burning torch

l  Double stainless steel combustion chamber or ceramic fiber combustion chamber are used.

l  Fully automatic ignition and real-time flame monitoring.

l  Fire retardant valve to prevent tempering.

Heat Distribution Management Equipment

Distribution and management of the client's thermal energy, and automatic control of water flow and temperature within the set range.

l Select the number of inlet and return water pipelines according to the amount of heat load.

l  Modular design, integrated installation.

l  All pipes are stainless steel.

Transmission and Distribution Equipment

PowerLink provides a complete set of transmission and distribution equipment, including low-voltage switch-gear, low-voltage shunt cabinet, transformer, high-voltage switch-gear, high-voltage PT cabinet, DC power supply cabinet and so on.

l  Standard electrical cabinet design, high applicability, high safety.

l  Modular design, can be quickly installed and put into use.

l  Container type design, occupies a small area, reduces housing construction.

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