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Second-hand equipment

TCGSeries products

  • 10 kVa Main Power Supply


  • Control module type: 2-wire remote startup

  • Safety protection, such as emergency stop button, battery disconnector, etc.

  • 33L fuel tank

  • 415V/14A

  • 59 m (A) sound pressure level is 7 m

Product descriptionProduct specifications

Product overview

Gogopower diesel generators are assembled in China with parts from their respective brands. We sell many products in Australia and provide service agents for sales support. Provide warranty according to the application of diesel generator

12 months / 2000 hours, first come first served - Prime application

24 months / 500 hours, first come first served - standby application

The generator provides 10 kVA at peak value. It is recommended that the generator run about 60% - 80% of its capacity load in most of the time. For more information about warranty, click warranty for more details.

For more information about related components, please call 1300 957 078 or consult online. Gogopower will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.