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Special Gas Genset introduce

Special gases mainly include liquefied petroleum gas, oil field associated gas, coal bed gas, landfill gas, etc. According to the chemical composition of such gases and the characteristics of their application environment, PowerLink carries out research and development and manufacture, including the selection of intake system, engine and main components, box spraying, ease of use and safety to make unique designs to produce high-performance combustion. Gas generator set.

Characteristics of Special Gas Power Generation Products

Efficient Gas Engine

High efficiency: high performance internal combustion engine, full combustion of fuel;

Advanced: The ECU control system integrates many control and protection functions: air-fuel ratio control, ignition control, speed control, knock control, cylinder temperature protection, etc.

Low emission: Compared with traditional coal combustion, NOX and CO2 emissions are reduced by 60% - 80%, SO2 and dust are close to zero.

Low cost: low cost of operation and maintenance, long service life of parts and components, long overhaul cycle.

High Reliability

Ensure continuous operation: Advanced technologies, such as optimized gas mixer and GCC742 control system, ensure the effective operation of the device, even if the gas is difficult to use (coalbed methane, landfill gas or sewage treatment waste gas, etc.).

Reducing NO_3 (NO_3) emissions less than 500 mg/Nm_meets international emission regulations and avoids potential risks

Easy parallel connection (optional)

Many units are parallel or connected to the grid, automatically parallel or disaggregate according to the load size to meet the frequently changing load demand.

High Durability

High protection: box, control cabinet and overhaul door have high protection level, which can resist the erosion of bad weather, dust and corrosive gases.

Coupling Connection: Engine and generator are connected by coupling, which can withstand greater rotational vibration and load fluctuation to ensure smooth and lasting operation.

Integrated Oil Filtration System: Equipped with high efficiency filters, it can effectively remove oil from dust, metal particles and carbon precipitates, and reduce wear and tear of crankshaft and other components.

Advanced Control System

Intelligent controller: automatic control, simple operation, real-time reading of various data, rich information;

Easy to expand: other functional control modules can be added, plug and play, providing more input and output interfaces;

Remote monitoring: It can monitor and control the operation status of the unit locally or remotely.