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Biogas cogeneration

TCG series co-generation units - high value distributed energy products, power ranges from 600 kWe - 2000 kWe, the power efficiency is at over 42%, with the comprehensive efficiency of over 85%. Selection of international top brand engines and generators are used, for a higher safety and stability operation, and a high reliability.
​Product Features

l Stable and reliable;

l High efficiency of power generation;
l Low gas consumption rate;
l Low cost of operation and maintenance
l Lubricating oil consumption rate < 0.1g/kWeh;
l The overhaul period is as high as 80,000 hours.
l Durable;
l Small area and short installation time.

​Product Structure

  • Open Type It is installed in the machine room, and the machine room should be designed and built to reduce the noise.
  • Soundproof Type It is installed in the machine room, with a low noise level
  • Container Type It could be put into use quickly without the need of building construction. Prevents rain and dust.
Biogas cogeneration List
Model Electric power Thermal power Electrical efficiency Thermal efficiency Total efficiency Details
TCG600-6BG 600 632 41.4% 43.6% 85.0% Download
TCG800-6BG 800 829 41.7% 43.2% 84.9% Download
TCG1000-6BG 1000 1039 41.5% 43.1% 84.6% Download
TCG1200-6BG 1200 1200 42.8% 42.8% 85.6% Download
TCG1560-6BG 1560 1590 42.3% 43.1% 85.4% Download
TCG2000-6BG 2000 2023 42.7% 43.2% 85.9% Download