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Natural gas cogeneration

CG series co-generation units - High-performance distributed energy products, power ranges from 50 kWe-1000 kWe, power efficiency of over 38%, and comprehensive efficiency of over 82%. Engine and other core components are selected from international top brands, with excellent quality, and durability.
​Product Features

Modular design

The fuel input system, electric energy and thermal energy output system, and intelligent control system are all designed in a modular structure, plug and play, and put into use quickly.

Gas engine

Efficient:high-performance internal combustion engine, lean combustion to maximise the efficiency

Strong: The power output is stable, strong, able to cope with sudden load/unload ability

Advanced:ECU control system integrates a number of advanced technologies: high-altitude combustion, lean combustion technology, automatic filling oil system, gas leakage protection device, knocking control system, etc.

Low emissions:NOX and CO2 emissions are reduced by 60%-80% compared to conventional coal combustion, SO2 and dust are almost zero

Low cost:Low operating and maintenance costs, long component life and overhaul cycle


l Optimise the maintenance concept of the cylinder unit, reduce the number of different components, shorten the maintenance time, and save up to 20% of the service cost

l Ultra-high efficiency makes the unit very economical; at the same time, it can reduce the carbon deposit in the engine cylinder, reduce the wear of the engine cylinder wall and prolong the service life.

High durability

l The control cabinet, maintenance door and cabinet have excellent protection level, it is difficult to corrode the body even with fierce wind, rain or dust;

l Configure high-performance filter to effectively remove dust, metal particles and carbon deposits from oil and slow down the wear of crankshaft and other components.

l Meet special protection needs and frequent lifting, quick installation, and easy for maintenance

Advanced control system

l Automatic operation control system, easy to operate, easy to read data, rich in information

l Integrated control cabinet, micro-processing electronic ignition control system and speed control system for comprehensive monitoring, control and protection

l Local or remote login to monitor and control the unit

l Supports mobile APP control

Automatic filling oil system

The oil level controller monitors the oil level of the engine. When it is lower than the set value, the daily fuel tank will automatically refuel. After the set value is reached, the fueling will be stopped to ensure the continuous operation of the unit for a long time.

Easy for synchronisation and connection to city-grid

l Multiple units can be synchronised or disconnected to the required load

l Meet the frequent changing load demand and reduces fuel consumption

​Product Structure

  • Open Type It is installed in the machine room, and the machine room should be designed and built to reduce the noise.
  • Soundproof Type It is installed in the machine room, with a low noise level.
  • Container Type It could be put into use quickly without the need of building construction. Prevents rain and dust.
Natural gas cogeneration List
Model Electric power Thermal power Electrical efficiency Thermal efficiency Total efficiency Details
CG50-NG 50 73 36.5% 53.5% 90.0% Download
CG66-NG 66 91 38.4% 53.1% 91.5% Download
CG75-NG 75 106 36.8% 52.2% 90.2% Download
CG100-NG 100 138 35.5% 48.9% 84.4% Download
CG150-NG 150 207 38.3% 52.8% 91.2% Download
CG200-NG 200 263 37.2% 48.9% 86.1% Download
CG220-NG 220 237 43.4% 46.8% 90.2% Download
CG270-NG 270 368 39.6% 54.0% 93.6% Download
CG350-NG 350 439 41.9% 52.5% 94.4% Download
CG400-NG 400 460 38.6% 44.4% 83.0% Download
CG450-NG 450 527 42.1% 49.3% 91.4% Download
CG520-NG 520 647 38.8% 48.3% 87.1% Download
CG875-NG 875 1026 38.2% 44.8% 83.0% Download
CG1000-NG 1000 1090 38.7% 42.2% 80.9% Download