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Natural gas cogeneration

TCG series co-generation units - high value distributed energy products, power ranges from 600 kWe - 2000 kWe, power efficiency of over 42%, and comprehensive efficiency of over 85%. Selection of international top brand engines and generators, safe and stable operation, highly reliable.
​Product Features

Stable, Efficient, Digital

Advanced components and TPEM control systems are used to ensure the product's maximum usage availability. Improved lubricant management systems, optimised cylinders and turbochargers further enhance the product's continuity and reliability.

The most efficient in its class

l Up to 43.5 % electrical efficiency

l Low operating costs to maximise economic benefits

l Numerical simulation optimised the design of low fluid loss for a higher efficiency

Optimized lubricant management system

l The lowest consumption of lubricating oil in the same grade: <0.1 g/kWhel

l Longer intervals for change in oil

l Integrated daily fuel tank

Convenient installation of the unit

l Integrated auxiliary fuel tank and daily fuel tank

l Vibration isolation base can reduce installation cost and facilitate stable operation

l Greater lubricant capacity

l Integrated lubricant management system

Higher usage availability and a longer life

l The cylinder with uniform intake air optimises the combustion process

l Optimised combustion process reduces peak pressure

l The unit runs smoothly with a small vibration

TPEM – a new control system

l Simple human-computer interface

l Fully integrated remote access

l Wider range of control, such as: synchronisation, circuit breakers and equipment control

Operational, and economic advantages

The TCG series co-generation unit has a long overhaul period (natural gas overhaul period of 80,000hrs) and high efficiency (electrical efficiency up to 43.5 %), which has the highest economic benefit in the same class of products.

​Product Structure

  • Open Type Installed in the machine room, and the machine room should be designed and built to reduce the noise.
  • Soundproof Type Installed in the machine room, with a low noise level
  • Container Type It could be put into use quickly without the need of building construction. Prevents rain and dust.
Natural gas cogeneration List
Model Electric power Thermal power Electrical efficiency Thermal efficiency Total efficiency Details
TCG600-NG 600 654 42.0% 45.8% 87.8% Download
TCG800-NG 800 855 42.4% 45.3% 87.7% Download
TCG1000-NG 1000 1028 43.0% 44.2% 87.2% Download
TCG1200-NG 1200 1189 43.7% 43.3% 87.0% Download
TCG1560-NG 1560 1578 43.3% 43.8% 87.1% Download
TCG2000-NG 2000 1977 43.7% 43.2% 86.9% Download