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Natural gas cogeneration

GXC series co-generation units - high cost-effective distributed energy products, power ranges from 60 kWe-1100 kWe, the power efficiency is over 32%, and the comprehensive efficiency is at over 82%. High-performance power system, stable operation, durable. The investment cost is low with a short payback period. The modular system is easy to install and can be put into use quickly.
​Product Features

l Optimising combustion technology to improve electrical efficiency and reduce vibration and the stress of components exposed;

l Modular structure design and manufacture, put into use in a short amount of time;

l Ultra-low noise, does not affect the surrounding environment;

l Intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) Control System;

l Flexible networking technology;

l Flexible and convenient operation;

l Overhaul period at not less than 30,000 hours;

l The lowest consumption of lubricating oil is 0.2g/kWh;

l It can run continuously for more than 7,000 hours per year.

l It is cost effective and has a low operating cost;

l Automatic oil re-filling system;

l Low emission, green, and environmentally friendly.

​Product Structure

  • Open Type Installed in the machine room, and the machine room should be designed and built to reduce the noise.
  • Soundproof Type Installed in the machine room, with a low noise level.
  • Container Type It could be put into use quickly without the need of building construction. Prevents rain and dust
Natural gas cogeneration List
Model Electric power Thermal power Electrical efficiency Thermal efficiency Total efficiency Details
GXC50-6NG 50 70 35.5% 51.1% 86.6% Download
GXC100-6NG 100 138 36.2% 50.0% 86.2% Download
GXC150-6NG 150 205 36.5% 49.9% 86.4% Download
GXC200-6NG 200 280 37.2% 52.1% 89.3% Download
GXC250-6NG 250 320 37.0% 45.9% 82.9% Download
GXC350-6NG 350 436 38.6% 48.1% 86.7% Download