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Natural gas 60Hz introduce

Powerlink co-generation provides industry-leading products and technologies and customised solutions for customers. The power, machinery body, electricity, heat exchange and other sub-systems are designed and manufactured using the most advanced standards. The main components are purchased worldwide and top brands are selected to ensure the high quality of the overall unit.

Main features:

  1. Modularisation & Standardisation
  2. Small dimensions
  3. Short installation time
  4. Efficient & Clean
  5. Island or grid-connected operation mode
  6. Flexible adjustment of load in between 50% and 100%

According to the value level of products, Powerlink Natural Gas Co-generation Unit is divided into the following three series: CG, TCG and GXC.

CG Series 60-1100 kWe

CG series co-generation units - high value distributed energy products, the power systems, control systems and other core components are selected from international top brands. The power ranges from 60 kWe-1100 kWe, the electric efficiency is at over 38%, with the comprehensive efficiency of over 82%. According to customer requirements, lithium bromide refrigerators or steam boilers can be configured to form tri-generation of either "cold-heat-electricity" or "steam-heat-electricity", the purpose of this is to maximise the energy efficiency of the product.

TCG Series 600-2000 kWe

TCG series co-generation units - high value distributed energy products, selected from the world's top branded engines and generators, with excellent quality and highly durable. The power ranges from 600 kWe-2000 kWe, the highest electric efficiency can reach up to 43.5%, with the comprehensive efficiency of over 85%. Built in with the advanced digital control system- TPEM ensures the stability and reliability operation of the unit; equipped with smoke alarm, gas and other leakage protection and a variety of sensors to ensure the safety; gas pipelines, water pipelines, exhaust pipelines are made of stainless steel to adapt to a variety of harsh environments.

GXC Series 60-1100 kWe

GXC series co-generation units - high cost-effective distributed energy products, power ranges from 60 kWe-1100 kWe, the power efficiency is at over 32%, with the comprehensive efficiency of over 82%. It has a high-performance power system, stable operation and it is highly durable. The investment cost is low with a short payback period. The modular system is easy to install and can be put into use in a short amount of time.

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