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Biogas Power Generation Solution of Industrial Wastewater

Title: Application Cases/Industrial Wastewater Field

Industrial Organic Wastewater Biogas Power Generation Application

Project introduction

Location of the project: Zhejiang, China

Application: PET New Material Manufacturing Plant

Gas Type: Biogas

A paper mill located in Zhejiang Province mainly produces various kinds of PET plastic chips of medium and high grade. In the process of production, about 1200 tons of industrial wastewater are produced every day. The COD content is reduced by sewage treatment and discharged into urban sewage pipeline after meeting the requirements of water quality and environmental protection. Enterprises have to paid huge sewage treatment costs every year, while environmental protection departments are facing environmental pressures.

Equipment selection

  • Biogas Co-generation Equipment (1 Sets):1*GXE200C-BG, Electric Power Output:200 kWe

Schematic Diagram

After anaerobic fermentation, industrial organic wastewater produces high heat value biogas. After gas treatment, it is fed into PowerLink generating unit, which can generate 4000 kW of electricity per day, and all the power generated is used by the plant itself. PowerLink provided a set of solutions for the plant besides anaerobic system, including gas pre-treatment (desulphurisation, drying, pressurisation) equipment, imported desulphurisation equipment from Italy, pure biogas generating unit, transmission and distribution equipment. The construction period was one month.
All the above equipment were of modular structure, occupying a small area, short installation time, durable, safe and stable operation, with a low noise level, and low maintenance cost. The electricity efficiency is at 40%, the annual power generation can reach up to 1.4 million , which saves a sum of electricity expenditure for the plant.

Project Characteristics and Benefits

After the implementation of the project, the cost of sewage treatment have been reduced, which made waste is turned into treasure. It generates an abundant level of electricity, reduced energy expenditure and has bought direct profits to the plant
The chairman of the plant mentioned that the environmental problems of the plant have been solved since the project of biogas power generation was completed. The government took our enterprise as a model enterprise of sewage and waste gas treatment, and have arranged the surrounding organisations which operated similar to us, to our plant for visiting and learning. The whole process went successfully.