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Cattle Farm Waste to Energy Solution

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Cattle Farm: "Waste Utilisation, Environment and Energy " Biogas Co-generation Project

Project introduction

Location: Shanghai, China
Application: Dairy Farm
Gas Type: Biogas
A dairy farm located in Shanghai, provides fresh and high-quality milk. About 12 tons of animal excrement and sewage are produced in the process of rearing 8,000 cows, which are stored in the oxidation pond to reduce COD content by oxygen consumption. Odorous gases produced in the storage process have a greater impact on the surrounding environment and do not comply with environmental protection regulations.

Equipment Selection
  • Biogas Co-generation Equipment (1 set) model: GXC200S-BG, electric power: 200 kWe/h; thermal power: 272 kW/h
  • Gas pre-treatment equipment (1 set): DB100-BG/50Hz, gas handling capacity: 100m3
  • Heat Distribution Management Equipment (1 set): THDA350-30-32-4, cold/hot water import and export quantity: 4
Schematic Diagram

All the above equipment are of modular structures, occupying a small area, has a short installation time, safe and stable to operate with a low maintenance cost. The electric efficiency is at 35.5%, and the thermal efficiency is at 48.3%, which makes the total efficiency of 83.8%. It can generate 1400 MW of electricity every year, producing 77,000 tons of hot water at 85 °C.

Project Characteristics and Benefits

After the implementation of the scheme, animal excreta was converted into renewable energy through the CHP unit, which not only reduced the impact of farm on the surrounding environment, but also provided abundant electric and thermal energy for the farm, at the same time reduced the energy expenditure. The surplus electricity is transferred to the grid, which brings direct financial benefits.

The farmer said, "The operation, maintenance and management of the whole set of biogas Co-generation Equipment was completely handed over to PowerLink. Up to now, our early investment has been rewarded profitably.

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