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In the application field of generating units, we provide turnkey engineering projects. You will only be responsible for selecting what machines you want and to gain financial benefits from investment in the later stage. Let us handle the hard work

PowerLink has rich experience in the construction of gas distributed energy and biogas renewable energy projects, as well as the operation experience of the whole or separate units of the project. We have projects that are located in many countries around the world. There are cases in the following application areas:

Business areas: hotels, airports, schools, fitness clubs, nursing homes, etc.

Industrial fields: paper mills, breweries, palm oil factories, food factories, etc.

Agricultural field: pig farm, chicken farm, cattle farm, greenhouses, etc.

Municipal Fields: Municipal Waste Landfill, Sewage Treatment Plant, etc.

PowerLink provides general engineering contracting services to its customers. Its business scope includes:

Technical Solutions: Provide a complete set of project solutions, schematics, electrical drawings, etc.

Project planning: overall planning of the project, equipment placement, pipeline layout, etc.

Engineering Design: Provide complete engineering design from preliminary design to construction drawing design

Equipment supply: Provide gas pre-treatment equipment (desulphurisation, drying de-humidification, pressurisation), co-generation units, generators, power transmission and distribution, etc.

Installation and Construction: On-site installation and construction of supply equipment

Debugging and Operation: Provide professional team to ensure the smooth implementation of field testing and operation.

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