• What are the characteristics of Natural Gas Co-generation?

    Modular design, advanced technology, highly cost-effective. We are an equipment manufacturer, we can make predictable return analysis for project investment. We have a very deep understanding of the system. Whether hardware such as engine, generator or automation control software, PowerLink fully develops and masters technology.
  • What are the differences between CG, GXC and TCG?

    CG series- power ranges from 50-1000 kW, core parts purchased from from international top brands, with a high value. 

    GXC series- developed and manufactured entirely by PowerLink, power ranges from 50-1000 kW and has good performance. 

    TCG series-are more efficient, power ranges from 600-2000 kW. The core parts are selected from famous brands across the world. 

    (Choose the right product series based on your budget and requirements.)

  • How to calculate and analyse the return on investment?

    First of all, you need to determine the local energy structure, understand the cost of electricity, gas, and any other monthly energy costs. Once you have gathered those, please send these to us and our sales experts will provide you with detailed analysis of return on investment.
  • PowerLink can provide for biogas products and services?

    After the production of biogas, we can provide a complete set of equipment, such as biogas desulphurisation, cold-drying, pressurisation, transportation, gas composition monitoring, co-generation, transmission and distribution, and provide specific solutions such as equipment selection calculation, investment return analysis, and project trusteeship services. 
  • PowerLink can provide for natural gas products and services?

    If there are abundant natural gas resources in the area, we can assist you to make investment return analysis, reduce the cost of energy expenditure, and provide a complete set of equipment, such as co-generation units, heat energy distribution management, transmission and distribution, as well as providing you with equipment selection guidance, follow-up installation, commissioning, training and other  relevant services.
  • PowerLink provide products related to oil and gas field?

    We provide rental container generators, which can be put into use with a blink of an eye. From equipment selection to site testing, as well as follow-up maintenance, we will provide professional guidance and services.
  • How to utilize low methane gas energy?

    We provide a variety of power generation equipment fueled by low methane gas, such as liquefied petroleum gas, whose main component is propane and whose methane value (MN) is below 60.
  • Where can I buy PowerLink products?

    We have dealers in more than 100 countries around the world, in this way you can contact your local dealers. In areas where there are no distributors, you can contact our factory directly and our sales experts will be able to satisfy your needs.
  • How to install the equipment?

    Our equipment is modularised, easy to install, and has detailed SOP installation instructions. At the same time, we will arrange professional engineers to guide the installation process on site.
  • How does after-sales service work?

    We have a professional after-sales service team that can send engineers around the world to provide door-to-door services. The types of services include one-off service, contractual service, or local certification of third-party institutions, we work to your needs.
  • How to purchase spare parts?

    We have formulated a complete spare parts supply plan for each product, which is managed by a professional spare parts sales team. Please contact your local distributor or the factory accessories salesperson directly. We will deliver the parts to your location on a timely, global basis according to your needs. If necessary, we will also send professional service engineers to the site for parts replacement.
  • How to get commissioning the equipment?

    Our factory has an experienced team of professional commissioning engineers, who can provide equipment commissioning services worldwide. According to the needs of customers, commissioning services by local third-party organisations with certificated qualifications can be made available for you.
  • Does PowerLink have EPC Engineering Contracting Services?

    Yes, we do have a EPC Engineering Contracting Service Team. When you put forward the requirements, we will provide a complete set of solutions, including design, manufacturing, construction, commissioning, service, etc., and complete the project within the required time scale, while keeping the cost within your budget.
  • What's the outstanding feature of PowerLink?

    PowerLink is a professional power equipment manufacturer with 18 years of experience in R&D, manufacturing and overseas sales. We attach importance to R&D investment and efficiency management. In the field of natural gas distributed energy and biogas renewable distributed energy, we have deep product and service precipitation, rich engineering application experience and service management experience. We believe that in this field, we are a forward-looking and sustainable enterprise. We hope to create great value and profit for customers and various investment institutions.