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Engineering Design

While you buy our products, either directly from us or our agencies, you may be worried about engineering design. BUT, PowerLink has a professional engineering design team which deals with the whole picture of the product. Starting from project establishment, PowerLink provides customers with on-the-spot investigation and complete engineering design to produce construction drawings, so as to make your project scientific and reasonable, to maximise cost savings and economic benefits.

What we provide include the followings:

Process designs: gas co-generation project process, distribution system, pipeline system, safety system, etc.

3D designs: the overall three-dimensional display of the project, including computer room, co-generation unit, master control room, auxiliary equipment, surrounding environment, etc.

Civil engineering designs: project layout, machine room construction, water supply and drainage system, equipment foundation, etc.

Equipment selection: desulphurisation equipment, gas holder and burning torch, gas pre-treatment equipment, co-generation unit, transmission and distribution equipment, auxiliary equipment, etc.

Electrical designs: high/ low voltage distribution system, also systems of control, monitoring and communication when the electricity is running low.

Gas system designs: biogas/ natural gas transmission system;

Fire-proof system designs: engine room and unit fire system, etc.

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