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Engineering Installation

After you purchased our product, the installation of the generator set is a must. If you don't have the engineering installation expertise? Don't worry! PowerLink has an excellent engineering installation and construction team, and works in strict accordance with the relevant national standards and regulations. For various gas power generation projects, PowerLink can provide all the construction projects from civil engineering to mechanical and electrical installation, mainly including:

Installation of water supply and drainage system: industrial water pipeline, sewage pipeline, rain drainage pipeline, etc.

Installation of high/ low voltage distribution system: high/ low voltage switch-gear, control cabinet, etc.

Installation of weak current systems such as control, monitoring and communication features: gas monitoring, equipment monitoring, remote control and monitoring, safety system, etc.

Gas system installation: methane/natural gas transmission system;

Pipeline installation: lubricating oil pipeline, water pipeline, gas pipeline, etc.

Civil engineering construction: machine room, distribution room, basic equipment, etc.

Fire system installation: engine room and equipment fire system, etc.
Installation of safety facilities: safety explosion-proof system, safety monitoring system, safety evacuation system, safety warning system, etc.

Installation of desulphurisation system: biological desulphurisation, chemical desulphurisation, activated carbon/iron oxide desulphurisation, etc.

Installation of gas holder: double membrane gas holder, pressure regulator, gas storage tank, etc.

Installation of gas pretreatment equipment: booster fan, drying/dehumidification equipment, gas component analyzer, etc.

Installation of gas-fired co-generation:
HVAC system, engine room air intake and exhaust system, hot water delivery system, etc.

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