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Czech Hotel Natural Gas Co-generation Solution

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Natural Gas Co-generation Application in Hotel

Project Introduction
Location: Czech Republic
Applications: Hotel
Gas Type: Natural Gas
An upscale resort hotel in Czech Republic has 3 floors above the ground and two floors under the ground, with a total floor area of 6752m², a height of 15 m and 102 guest rooms. The main demand for this project is heat. Two natural gas boilers were equipped to provide hot water, heating, catering and bathing facilities for hotels. The hotel is located in the outskirts of the city. It uses electricity from the city-grid and there were no standby power originally. The hotel spends huge amounts of gas and electricity every year. The hotel will be powered off and will not function properly when there is a power failure or when a city blackout occurs.

Equipment selection

Natural Gas Co-generation (1 set) model: GXC200S-NG, electric power: 200 kWe/h; heat power: 271 kW/h

Heat Distribution Management (1 set): THDA350-30-32-4, cold/hot water import and export quantity: 4

Schematic Diagram

PowerLink provides the hotel with a set of distributed energy solutions, including natural gas co-generation units and heat distribution management equipment. The construction period was 14 days. The unit runs every day during peak and normal periods (06:00-22:00), and shuts down during the low-usage periods. The main mode of operation is to produce heat output, with electric energy on a supplementary basis. When the hot water output of the unit exceeds the allowable amount of the water stored in the hotel, the output power will be automatically reduced. Power from the city grid will be used if the generator does not supply enough power from the generator. The unit produces 209 tons of hot water (< 85°C) per day, which is divided into two output routes through the heat distribution management utilisation,1) transported to the hot-water storage tank, for it to be used in kitchens and bathrooms, 2) to the radiator systems in all residences. At the same time, 3600 kW of electricity is generated every day, all of which are supplied to the hotel for power. When power failure occurs, the unit will start automatically and provide emergency power supply for the main power equipment of the hotel.

The above equipment is modularised, involves quick installation and put into use on site at a fast speed, it has a simple operation, low cost of operation and maintenance, also safe and stable. The electric efficiency is at 35.7%, along with the thermal efficiency of 48.4%, which makes the total efficiency to be 84.1%. It can produce 77,000 tons of hot water (< 85°C) and generate 1310 MW of electricity every year.

Project Characteristics and Benefits
After the operation of the co-generation unit, the hotel has obtained sufficient heat and power, reduced the cost of energy expenditure, and solved the problems caused by the lack of standby power supply at its previous situation

The project manager of the hotel said: "The whole set of natural gas co-generation equipment is safe and stable. PowerLink provides a complete set of design, installation and commissioning services, which is very worry-free." .

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