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Russian Residentials Heat and Power Solution

Title: Project / Co-generation / Natural Gas Case / Business Field

High efficiency power and heat meets the residential' s demand

Project Introduction

Project venue: Russia

Applications: Residential Area

Gas Type: Natural Gas

Located in a high-end residential area in Russia, all the electricity used comes from the city grid, there is no standby power supply. When the power failure or city blackout occurs, the power from residential area will be cut off, which affects the daily livings of the residents.

Equipment Selection

  • Natural Gas Co-generation Equipment (1 set) model: CG400S-NG, Power: 400 kWe

Schematic Diagram

PowerLink provides a set of distributed energy solutions for the residential area, including natural gas co-generation units and heat distribution management equipment. The construction period was 22 days. The unit runs every day during peak and normal periods (07:00-21:00), and shuts down during low-usage periods. The main mode of operation is to provide heat energy, and electric energy on a supplementary basis. When the hot water output of the unit exceeds the allowable storage heat of the household, the output power will be automatically reduced. If there is insufficient power supplied by our generators, it will take the remaining of the grid. The unit produces 380 tons of hot water (< 85°C) per day, which is divided into two output routes through the heat distribution management equipment for utilisation, 1) transported to the hot-water storage tank, for it to be used in kitchens and bathrooms, 2) to the radiator systems in all residences. At the same time, 4480 kW of electricity is generated every day, all of which are used for household electricity and household heat.

The above equipment is modularised, requires quick installation and put into use on site at a fast pace, it only requires simple operation, and has a low cost of operation and maintenance, safe and stable. The electric efficiency is at 35.7%, with the thermal efficiency of 48.4%, and the total efficiency is 84.1%. It can produce 38,000 tons of hot water (< 85°C) and generates 2600 MW of electricity every year.

Project Characteristics and Benefits

The installation of the project is completed by the technical personnel of the property in the community. PowerLink has given full guidance and support. In regards to the operation and maintenance services of the project, all the property plans were handed over to PowerLink and contractual service agreements were signed.

After the implementation of this scheme, the owners of residential areas said: I did not expect that co-generation generators can also bring us the supply of domestic heat, which is incredible, timely and convenient.