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How to Choose Your Gas Genset?

How to Choose Your Gas Genset?

Gas internal combustion generator set is a kind of power generation equipment that converts the energy in the gas into electric energy. They operate slightly differently than other types of generators, and there are multiple factors to consider in how to choose the right gas gensets for you.


Let’s first understand how the gas generator unit works, we need to consider what factors to choose good gas gensets for you.

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How do gas internal combustion generator set work?

A gas generator set is a kind of equipment that uses gas combustion to generate heat energy, which is converted into mechanical energy by the internal combustion engine, and then converted into electric energy by a generator. The working system can be roughly divided into three parts: gas supply system, internal combustion engine system, and generator system.

  • Gas supply system. Gas generator sets need to send gas to internal combustion engines through pipelines or gas storage tanks.
  • Internal combustion engine system. The internal combustion engine is the core component of the gas generator set. The gas is burned in the internal combustion engine to produce high-temperature and high-pressure gas, which drives the piston movement and thus drives the crankshaft rotation.
  • Generator system. A generator is a device that converts mechanical energy produced by an internal combustion engine into electrical energy. Generators work by using the principle of electromagnetic induction, which creates an electric current through a rotating magnetic field.

How to choose the right gas genset for you?

Usually gas generating units can be used in combination with other types of equipment, renewable energy, or battery storage to improve the efficiency and flexibility of the overall system. Gas gensets are the core equipment of the system. To find a cost-effective, technically reliable, and environmentally friendly power generation solution, we suggest that you need to consider the following important factors:

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When considering a technically sound and efficient energy system, it’s important to take into account various components: the cost, the viability of renewable energy sources, the flexibility of battery storage, and most importantly, the central element – gas generating units. Gas gensets are key to finding an affordable yet environmentally safe power generation solution. Therefore, we suggest that you need to consider the following important factors:

  • Installation cost is the most important. The gas generator set solution provides a very competitive installation cost, and the unit kilowatt project occupies a limited area, which is very cost-effective.


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The installation cost of the gas generator set solution is highly competitive, making it an ideal option for projects that require a limited area and kilowatts. This is just one of many reasons why it’s such a great option.

  • Economical and efficient, the total efficiency of the solution directly affects the economics of the project. You need to determine how much gaseous fuel your power plant will consume. Typically 75% of energy production costs are fuel costs, so efficiency is very important. The gas-fired internal combustion generator set is highly efficient, and the PowerLink generator set has a very high-value power generation efficiency of more than 45%; The combined heat and power solution is adopted to effectively convert the primary energy of gas fuel into electrical energy and heat energy, and the total efficiency can reach 80 %~90%.


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Economy and efficiency are key factors for the success of a project, meaning that total system efficiency directly affects cost. Determining the amount of gas fuel that your power plant will require is essential, as up to 75% of energy production costs can be attributed to fuel expenses. Gas-fired internal combustion generators boast a high-efficiency rate and PowerLink generators offer an impressive electrical energy and heat energy conversion efficiency, reaching as much as 80-90%.

  • Manufacturing and commissioning time. PowerLink gas internal combustion generator sets usually take 3 to 6 months from production to delivery plus construction and commissioning time. If it is in stock, the delivery cycle will be shorter.


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For PowerLink gas internal combustion generator sets, the typical turnaround time is 3 to 6 months from order to delivery. Installation and setup also need to be taken into account. Customers should note that depending on availability, this timeline may be reduced.



  • Highly integrated modular structure, plug and play. The power generation equipment must be safely delivered to the installation site. The modular structure makes the project installation and transportation easier, and the commissioning is simpler and faster.


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The power generation equipment is designed with a highly integrated, plug-and-play modular structure. This makes transportation to the installation site simpler and quicker, as well as allowing for easier and faster project installations. This technology offers great advantages for both the customer and the supplier.



  • Another very important factor in determining the choice of power generation equipment is the operational expenditure of the genset itself. You should consider: professional after-sales service, spare parts support service , maintenance intervals, downtime during repairs, and the entire operating cycle of the equipment before overhaul. Based on long-term experience, we offer years of continuous service for PowerLink generator sets. This will help reduce the need for spare parts and allow service times to be predicted in advance, reducing operating costs throughout the life of the engine.


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When picking out a power generation system, an essential factor to take into account is the operational expenditures. Professional after-sales service and spare parts support, as well as maintenance intervals and downtime for repairs, need to be considered and weighed against one another. With experience accrued over many years of service, PowerLink generator sets are designed to provide years of continuous service – significantly reducing the need for spare parts and enabling pre-determined time frames for servicing, which in turn lowers total operational costs over its lifetime.

  • Help you choose the most suitable gas generation unit through the load analysis of the project. PowerLink’s extensive line of gas engines (0. 01 to 2 MW) can satisfy you with the right gas generator solution.
  • The surrounding environmental conditions will affect the actual power output capability of the gas generators. In some cases, your power output may be much lower than the rated power. Be aware of this factor if your application happens at high temperatures and/or at altitudes significantly above sea level.


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PowerLink provides a broad selection of gas engines (0. 01 to 2 MW) for various projects and can guide customers in selecting the most fitting gas generation unit. Our load analysis capabilities ensure you receive optimal performance from your generator solution.

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It’s important to remember that environmental conditions can impact the power output of gas generators. Depending on your location and the circumstances surrounding its use, the actual output may be lower than its rated power. If an operation takes place at high temperatures or well above sea level, you should factor this in prior to usage.



Advantages of gas internal combustion generator set

As you know, there are many kinds of generators, such as diesel liquid fuel or solar generators, so what are the outstanding advantages of gas generator sets?


Gas fuel storage is convenient

On the contrary, liquid fuels such as diesel fuel and engine oil may be as time goes on and metamorphism, and diesel can store up to 2 years. When liquid fuel is stored for long periods of time, it forms sediment, spawns fungi, and becomes gelatinous.


Environmental friendly

Gas fuel is more environmentally friendly. Natural gas burns cleaner than fossil fuels like diesel. As a result, gas gensets have less negative impact on the overall climate and emit significantly less carbon dioxide, sulfur, and nitrogen.


Compared with fossil fuel, gas cost is lower and more efficient

By volume, diesel is 10 times more expensive than gasoline. To generate the same amount of electricity, the required natural gas costs almost half as much as diesel. So, if you buy a gas generator, you’ll pay a lot less for fuel.


Odourless quieter

Have you ever seen a diesel or gasoline generator? If so, you can recall the pungent smell and high-decibel noise of gasoline engines when they are running; Gas-fired generators do not produce this smell because natural gas is usually odorless, and they are quieter when running.


Easy to obtain licenses

Generators, especially commercial ones, are subject to strict standards from local environmental authorities. Gas cars are easy to get permits for because of their lower emissions. The standard for non-emergency generators is more stringent, and many diesel or petroleum devices do not meet this standard.


Gas generators are also easily allowed for non-emergency uses because of cleaner combustion and fewer emissions. No more tedious paperwork and hunting around for compliance equipment!


Strong adaptability to the environment

Diesel or gasoline generators often fail if placed in wet or cold conditions. As a result, they may malfunction in the case of heavy rain or storms. Gas-fired generating units do not have this problem. They work in all conditions.


What else should we pay attention to when choosing a gas generator set?

The gas generator sets have high technical requirements, and the equipment provided by famous suppliers or service agents has excellent performance and has good after-sales service guarantee, including the option of warranty extension.

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