Biogas Blower

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Biogas Blower

Biogas Blower
CL series, variable frequency

1,Main technical parameters:

2,Biogas pressure (inlet end): ≥ 2KPa (20mbar)

3,Biogas pressure (outlet end): 10-20kpa (100-200mbar)

Biogas Blower

1,TBT series, constant speed type

2,Main technical parameters:

3,Biogas pressure (inlet end): ≥ 2KPa (20mbar)

4,Biogas pressure (outlet end): 10-20kpa (100-200mbar)

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Biogas to power and heat 520kw project

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1,Vortex booster fan, high efficiency and energy saving

2,High protection level, adapt to harsh environment

3,High explosion-proof level and safe operation

4,The fan operates for a long time without lubrication

5,No vibration, jitter and low noise during operation

6,Easy installation and maintenance