Biogas Scrubber

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Biogas Scrubber

Biogas Scrubber

Desulfurizer is chemical solution with imported technology

  • Advanced process and high desulfurization efficiency
  • Automatic intelligent control, unattended
  • Polypropylene material with strong corrosion resistance
  • Biogas energy products – desulfurization equipment
  • Product introduction
  • Low running cost
  • Easy maintenance
Biogas Scrubber

Chemical desulfurization equipment

It is divided into 3 series according to inlet H2S% concentration

  • <3000ppm
  • <7000ppm
  • <10000ppm

No matter which inlet H2S volumn, the outlet H2S can be reduced to 100ppm.

We care more about contious running

Biogas to power and heat 520kw project

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Powerlink Biogas Chemical Desulphurization system:

Biogas treatment capacity: 100-2000m3 / h

H2S% (inlet volumn) < 10000ppm

H2S% (outlet volumn) < 100ppm


>  Europe imported equipment

>  Can be used independently or integrated as a complete set of equipment

>  The system implements integrated control, synchronous operation, linkage protection, high efficiency and durability.

>  Due to the different installation locations and application needs of biogas engineering projects, we have a complete solution.