CHP/CCHP Solutions

Power Generation & Gas Cogeneration Professional Manufacturer
Whether it is continuous, standby or prime power,
power generation or combined heat and power production (CHP),
PowerLink gas generator sets are effective,
dependable and configured to meet your exact requirement.

CHP/CCHP Solution

PowerLink gas-powered generator sets provide you with a continuous, economical, reliable and sustainable source of power. Utilizing natural gas, PowerLink generator sets feature cutting-edge technology that provide combined heat and power (CHP), as well as combined heat, power and cooling (CCHP) solutions. All of our gas gensets combine the highest performance with the lowest emissions in the 10 kWe – 2000 kWe electrical power range. Combined Heat & Power is a gas fuelled reciprocating piston engine, driven by three CHP fuel types- natural gas, biogas. The CHP engine drives an alternator to generate electricity. The heat from the CHP engine is then recovered and made available as hot water or steam. This gives the best efficiency from the use of the fuel consumed, and provides very low cost power and heat energy to the client.
Renewable-Energy-solution-biogas cogeneration GXC100S-BG

Reduce bills

Can produce complementary energy to save energy cost and reduce heat and electricity bills

Power security

Avoid power interruptions by seamlessly switching to alternative energy sources

Energy efficiency

The ability to fulfill environmental initiatives and make full use of energy to improve efficiency

Clean energy

The ability to modulate down to 50% of the maximum electrical output

Emissions reduction

Reduce your carbon footprint with renewable energy sources and/or battery storage.

Combined Heat & Power Solutions

We not only deliver and install premium CHP products but also work with you to review your facility’s power usage, personally engineer cost reductions and fully integrate the ideal solution into your premises. We offer CHP units from 20kW to 2MW in both Low voltage and High voltage.

Powerlink CHP/CCHP applications

Solutions :

  • Combined Heat and Power solution for hotels
  • Combined Heat and Power solution for hospitals
  • Combined Cold, heat and power solution for factory
  • Energy saving environmental solution for SPA plazza
  • Energy efficiency increased solution for health club
  • Cost reduction  solution for food processing plant


200kw Combined Heat & Power Solution for hotel


>> Project Engineering

When gas products are delivered to your site, we also can do project engineering design and service for users.

TGE800-NG-800kw gas genset service and support

>> After Sale Service

PowerLink provides customers with products and perfect services worldwide to assure no-worry using.


>> Accessories Support

PowerLink has parts warehouses in Europe, Pacific ocean, Asia, with sufficient stock enabling customers to receive the original parts at any time.

Service Solutions

Provision of high-quality associated services is the main factor driving the long-term cooperation between PowerLink and the customer. PowerLink offers its customers the full package of services associated with repairand technical support of its own and third party equipment.


High-quality and competent equipment installation, start-up and run-in is a ticket to its continuous failure-free operation. The commissioning package enables the customer to obtain a facility fully prepared for operation.


PowerLink carries out pilot operation of its new solutions at customer enterprises as part of joint projects.


Periodic equipment inspection and diagnostics as well as technical consultations with the customer help prevent troubles and standbys. PowerLink specialists perform workmanlike maintenance and repair at the time convenient for the customer over the entire equipment operation period.


PowerLink available production potential allows performing repairs of any complexity within the customer agreed timelines. OEM parts, consumable materials and their analogues are delivered from the central warehouse in Shanghai. PowerLink offers spare parts and consumable materials for all products to customers all over the world.


PowerLink upgrades the previously supplied own and third party equipment. The aim of such upgrading is normally an increase in the capacity of the existing system and improvement of the equipment control simplifying the plant operator’s duties and signal transmission to the upper-level automatic control system.


The customer may have its personnel properly trained to ensure further adequate operation of the equipment supplied by PowerLink. The training process may be arranged both at customer site and in the PowerLink training center.


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