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20+years of manufacturing experience

We have used more than 150,000 engines as MAN, MWM, John Deer, Volvo, Kubota, Cummins, Perkins .etc and we have a good knowledge of the best engine.

System energy solution

Based on expereinced and professional generators design and manufacturing, we can do from scratch to turnkey project by meeting customer’s energy demand.

Quality Focus

We remain focused to deliver the same quality of work for all our customers, from a small project that is required quickly, or a large-scale project that requires multiple units and parts, our team will remain focussed on providing the highest quality of work possible.


  • With the technological developments of the modern era, electricity has become essential to our way of life. As the demand for electricity increases, investing in highly efficient, environmentally friendly, energy technologies and services is a must for a sustainable future.
  • Energy technologies, products, and services developed by PowerLink give people more choices for their energy needs, and we believe in providing healthy, environmentally friendly, and valuable energy products for the worldwide energy market.
  • As our dependence on energy grows, utilizing green energy options has become an attractive and competitive market. The mobile energy, distributed energy, and renewable energy solutions developed by PowerLink meet numerous emission standards, including EU Stage V, Tier 4 Final, Tier 3, and CHN Stage III, achieving the best balance between lower CO2, CO, NOX emissions, and energy demand.


PowerLink has been working hard in mobile and distributed energy since 2001, and established two manufacturing plants, equalling 400,000+ square feet of manufacturing space, as well as 4 distribution centres worldwide. Since our inception, over 120,000 energy products have left our factories and distribution warehouses and been used at sites around the world.

PowerLink’s natural gas-distributed energy solutions in hotels, hospitals, schools, fitness clubs, commercial buildings, greenhouses, etc., PowerLink’s micro-grid Energy solutions in small hotels, public facilities, schools, fitness clubs, commercial buildings, and swimming pools, etc. or bio-renewable energy solutions for the reuse of agricultural and livestock waste, sewage treatment, and urban organic waste assure your needs for electricity, heat and cold energy.

PowerLink-UK-factory-and load photo


  • Everyone knows that quality means reliability.
  • The company’s strong growth is due to customer loyalty, which is because of the reliability of our products – the quality of which is stable every time.
  • Committed to Customer Satisfaction.
  • If you happen to have trouble with one of our devices, you can find another aspect of our reliability through our Warranty department, as well as our love of quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Our parts management department records the information on each part we sell, and according to the replacement cycle table of each part, they can quickly send any new parts to you. This is a huge information management system we have built to ensure our generators continue to work efficiently and help to satisfy our customer’s needs.

For more information, please contact us via infogas@powerlinkworld.com


ISO9000 quality certification is a fair evaluation and confirmation of the quality standard of PowerLink, and every three years, PowerLink goes through an enhanced ISO9000 certification process, as well as conducting two multi-day audits each year. During this period, the independent audit committee conducts a complete process evaluation and audit from sales, R & D, manufacturing to service, to ensure that we provide our customers with the highest quality products every time. Quality is the key to our success and in every aspect of our business, the quality of our service can be seen. PowerLink is absolutely committed to continuously improve its products, so we can meet and exceed customer expectations in terms of quality, cost, and delivery.

GXE-Gas-engine foreign team powerLink


Based on the different allocation of the distributed energy across the world, PowerLink has classified its gas products  into two types depending on energy needs: gas generation and gas cogeneration units) and eight series depending on the gas types, and gas flow.etc: Natural Gas, Biogas, Propane, Flare Gas, Associated Petroleum gas, Coal bed Gas. We also provide energy products to improve your gas quality like gas pretreatment equipment, desulfurization equipment, boosters, and gas holder. etc.

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever gas-powered product you need, we will have the right option for you, with our gas-powered units providing a power range of 10kw to 2000kw. For more information, contact us at info@powerlinkworld.co.uk.


  • We can design as per your requirements
  • We are capable to meet the most demanding specifications
  • Our generators are capable to deal with the most technical of demands
  • We can provide a variety of component designs based on your project
  • We can provide different packaging options such as wooden pallets or reusable metal structures
  • We can provide marketing solutions, such as packaging with a private logo
  • We are able to provide a selection of various logistics solutions


Jack Johnson

I have always trusted with PoweLink, because my power generation projects can be completely handed over to them. From every detail of the product, you can feel that they are very professional, the service team is quick to respond to problems, and they are experienced.

Steven Kelvin

Service is very important to me. PowerLink has its own service packages. Our natural gas to power projects, from the purchase of units, to the installation, commissioning, after-sales service and trusteeship, are handed over to PowerLink. They are highly professional and give them a five-star.


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